Baked Good Price Information
Baked Good Price Information
Cupcakes $3 each
Buy 6 or more items, get 6% off!
Buy 12 or more items, get 12% off!
+ $0.25 per cupcake to dye icing
+ $0.50 per cupcake to add monograms/writing/polka dots
+ $1.00 per cupcake to add hand decorations/fondant

Special flavors can be ordered with a minimum of six cupcakes and 48 hour notice.

Mini Cupcakes
*Available in all daily flavors, 24 hour preorder only!

$16.00 per dozen Minimum order of 1 dozen if ordering flavors not offered day of pickup

24 hour notice

Pull-Apart Cakes
*Red Velvet, Chocolate and Vanilla Bean
*Also Available in Gluten Free
$3.75 per cupcake We can accommodate anywhere from 7 – 28 cupcakes.
These cupcakes are placed closely together and iced as one, so you get the appearance of a cake with the convenience of individual servings! 48 hr notice

Muffins $2.50 each Our muffins are available at 8:30am, but we suggest calling ahead if you’d like to reserve a few. Since we bake fresh every morning, muffins are first come – first serve, and they don’t last long! We carry Sweet Potato Cream Cheese muffins daily, but other flavors can be ordered with 48 hours noticed, and a minimum of six muffins!

Pies 4 inch Mini Pies – $4.50 each

10 inch Pies – $18

All pies require 48 hour notice.
Cookies $2.00 each or $21.50 per dozen for specialty flavors
$1.50 each or $15.00 per dozen for glazed sugar cookies

$2.00 each Black & White Cookies (no dozen discount)

$2.75 Chocolate Lava Cookies

Call for today’s flavors, they change per season! For large orders, please give us a 48 hr notice.
Brownies & Blondies $2.75 each Try this classic brownie. Just the right texture between fudge and cake, this chocolate creation is sure to please.

Our Blondies are delicious with white chocolate chips and dried cranberries
SoftBrittle $6.99 per 8 oz bag
$9.25 per 16 oz bag
$28.99 per Sampler Tin
This snack is addictive! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Your guests and families will be asking for more! Available in Salted Nut, Spiced Cranberry, and White Chocolate Coconut.
Housemade Granola Bars $2.50 each We make these chewy bars in house, packed with cranberries, raisins, four different kinds of nuts, and pretzels!

Challah Bread $6 per loaf This slightly sweet bread is the highlight of any meal!
Slice and serve as French Toast, sandwich bread, or just as a snack. Warm in your oven to serve as a delicious dinner side item. This bread is versatile and delectable, but call ahead if you’d like to reserve a loaf – We only bake challah on Friday mornings or by 48 hour notice only!

Buttermilk or Chive Biscuits (6 biscuit minimum order)

$1.75 each 48 hour notice – 6 biscuit minimum
Scones (cinnamon streusel, chocolate almond, butterscotch, and cranberry orange) – 6 scone minimum order

$2.50 each Our in house flavors chance daily; we suggest preordering or calling to see what flavor we have each day. 48 hour notice for special orders.